The Chilean oyster is known throughout the culinary world for its distinctive flavor and special texture. Normally, this seafood is eaten fresh from the sea and in its shell with a little lemon juice. Preparation for this surprising, impressive dish is as simple as that.

There are several reasons Chilean oysters are believed to have such a special, appetizing taste. Environmental conditions, within which these mollusks grow, are unique. Surrounded by the cold Humboldt Current, they feed on mineral-rich nutrients from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

This advantage allows Chilean oysters to be grown naturally, without artificial additives. Oysters feed primarily on plankton and protein- and lipid-rich microorganisms, giving them their delicate flavor and smooth texture.

In addition, oysters are considered one of the healthiest seafoods, since they are rich in zinc, iron, vitamin B12, Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. Therefore, they stand out both for their flavor and nutritional value.

Those who visit Chile and love seafood cuisine are fortunate to enjoy a great variety of flavors, such as urchins, abalone, crab and clams, among many others, which can be tasted in varied and scrumptious typical dishes, such as paila marina, curanto, and mariscal. These and others are prepared according to local recipes and available ingredients and vary by region.