The archipelago of Chiloé is an enchanting place in many ways. In addition to its stunning and diverse natural landscapes, are its rich gastronomy, thousand-year-old culture, its traditions and curious legends. Nevertheless, there is something more profound that its visitors value and treasure: the warmth and kindness of its people.

This is a characteristic that catches the attention of both resident and foreign tourists alike, according to Constanza Leiva, Market Manager for Latin America at Tierra Hotels, who recently visited Tierra Chiloé and shares her experience in this privileged part of the south of Chile with us.

“I would like to begin with the care with which they receive you, and I’m not speaking just for myself,” says Constanza. “The guests that have been at Tierra Chiloé return home enamored with the warm friendliness of each of our collaborators. Those smiling eyes which peak over their masks make each person feel cared for, especially today for those returning to travel and who have long awaited their vacation.”