Taking in the breeze, scents and sounds of nature while kayaking in the Chiloé archipelago is one of the best ways to connect with this wonderful island in southern Chile.

These small boats, in addition to being easily maneuverable, allow you to come into close contact with the many species that inhabit the coast, such as black-necked swans, curlews, sea lions and even dolphins.

It is also a very special experience for people who have trouble with extensive walks and other demanding physical activities, but long to be immersed in nature.

The Tierra Chiloé excursion team has prepared exclusive kayak tours so you can discover for yourself this island’s incredible biodiversity. Enjoy gorgeous landscapes from the sea, with every safety feature and expert guides. They will match your navigational outing to the migratory cycles of species that visit the area during different seasons, thus increasing your chances of sighting them. Pullao Bay, across from the hotel, and the Dalcahue area are usually the preferred places for this activity.