One of the Archipelago of Chiloé’s most traditional ingredients, the star of typical dishes from this region, is also used in therapies for the skin thanks to the many benefits it offers.

Potato flour is the main ingredient in the “Poñi” treatment, one of the facial treatments offered by Uma Spa at Tierra Chiloé. This vegetable, one of the most essential to island cuisine, is also known for its many benefits to the skin.

Poñi means potato in Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuches, who have always kept this tuber central to their diet, which is largely vegetarian. However, potatoes are not just for eating.

Their high vitamin C and calcium content helps generate collagen and elastin, promoting cellular renewal. They reduce spots and facial expression lines, and help to prevent premature aging by moisturizing and deeply nourishing the skin. Potatoes are also hypoallergenic.