Trek through vibrant changing landscapes of forest, sand and sea and enjoy dramatic clifftop views. Pass through the abandoned Quilan Estate, once a sheep ranch and gold-panning site, and explore the island's Indigenous heritage.

This hiking route offers a kaleidoscope of changing scenery – from sparkling sea, to dense native forests and expansive sand dunes. As you traverse this picturesque terrain, dramatic clifftop views and the interplay of forest, sand and sea unfold. En route, a fascinating detour leads through the remnants of the Quilan Estate, once a bustling sheep ranch and gold-panning site that bore witness to a bygone era. The estate, abandoned since the Valdivia Earthquake in 1960, stands as a silent testimony to the island’s historical tapestry.

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This trek not only unveils the natural wonders but also connects you with the island’s Indigenous heritage. Evidence of their presence is scattered along the path, creating a natural connection between the modern-day explorer and the ancient spirits of Chiloé’s ancestors.