This private conservation initiative holds 20,000 hectares of verdant wilderness. From tranquil Lake Tepuhueico to the Pacific Ocean, explore the unspoiled beauty of Valdivian rainforest.

Nestled within the heart of a private conservation initiative, Tepuhueico Park forms a sanctuary of verdant wilderness that stretches seamlessly from the serene shores of Lake Tepuhueico to the rhythmic waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Tepuhueico Park Left
Tepuhueico Park Right

Within this unspoiled haven of Valdivian rainforest, the park’s diverse sectors offer a network of trails winding their way among colossal mañio trees, ancient tepues, fragrant canelos, myrtle tree bark and lush fern beds. These paths lead to the majestic Rio Bravo Waterfall, where caramel-hued waters cascade over a 10-meter precipice, revealing a spectacle of nature’s grandeur. Whether traversing cycling paths, hiking trails, or gliding on the tranquil surface of Lake Tepuhueico by kayak, the park provides myriad ways to intimately connect with awe-inspiring scenery.