Set against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, surrender to the embrace of the natural world. From reducing stress to improving sleep, discover the positive effects of this sensory practice on your body and spirit.

Nature bathing is a practice that increases your well-being, facilitating a connection between nature and the senses. For this optional experience, a guide invites newly-arrived hotel guests to perform simple sensory exercises during a slow and contemplative walk.

Unlike a nature walk where you go in search of certain species or a trek with a specific destination, the goal of nature bathing is simply to “be” in the present moment and enjoy the different sensations and benefits that nature provides.

1 Nature Bathing
2 Nature Bathing

This practice, also known as forest bathing, has scientifically proven health benefits, such as reducing stress, strengthening the immune system, and improving sleep, cognitive function and mood. Nature bathing can also help strengthen relationships and bonds with others and with oneself, in addition to increasing levels of energy and creativity.