Saddle up for a gentle horseback ride along the age-old footpaths of the island villagers to appreciate the traditional way of life in Chiloé. Traverse mixed terrain at a relaxed pace, enjoying views of the pristine surrounds.

Embark on a leisurely horseback journey through the time-honored footpaths of Chiloé’s island villagers, experiencing the essence of traditional life in the archipelago. Departing from our stables, the expedition unfolds along ancient trails, providing a unique perspective of the countryside and observations that only an adventure on horseback can offer. Accompanied by our seasoned horsemen, enjoy an intimate exploration of the island and the hotel’s enchanting surroundings.

Horseback Riding Left
Horseback Riding Right

Choose from a selection of horseback rides tailored for close-up exploration. The Chilote horses are accustomed to the island’s diverse terrain and will become your trusted companions.