Explore Chiloé Island's vibrant capital city, Castro on this captivating tour. Discover the beating heart of Chiloé with its colorful traditional stilt houses, grand churches, bustling craft markets and local community.

This historic city, a 16th century former stronghold of Chilean governance, was a pivotal gateway used to secure the island as an extension of the mainland. The warmth of the local community creates an immersive experience, revealing the rich history and cultural tapestry that defines Chiloé. The charming main street is adorned with lively stilt houses, small craft shops, and traditional wooden-clad stores.

Historic Castro Left
Historic Castro Right

The picturesque Yumbel Market beckons, offering a sensory feast of Chiloé’s most distinctive products, from chilote potatoes and giant garlic to intricate basketry, fabrics, and an array of fresh seafood. Visits to significant landmarks, including the San Francisco Church, a National Historic Monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the coastal shipyard, where the ‘Williche’ was built, provide a deeper understanding of Chiloé’s cultural heritage. The tour concludes with a visit to Nercón Church, a valuable testament to the renowned Chilota School of Wood Architecture, encapsulating the island’s architectural aptitude and cultural legacy.