Starting at picturesque Duhatao Bay, traverse the twisting coastal cliffs as they merge into deep forest. Explore the islet of Aulen before setting sail upstream with rewarding views of the Sunken Forest.

Traverse verdant forests, dramatic clifftops and captivating beaches alongside the Pacific Ocean on this full-day trek to Chepu. The journey unfolds along the Sendero de Chile, a visionary project connecting Chile’s length through scenic trekking trails. Commencing at the enchanting Bay of Duhatao, the trail winds along coastal cliffs merging into lush forests, providing privileged vantage points to soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

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2 Duhatao-Chepu

As you delve into the heart of native woods, ancient trees become a haven for diverse birdlife. Hummingbirds dart through the foliage, harmonising with the melodic calls of Chucao, Rayaditos and other native songbirds. The trek, though steady, rewards your efforts with invigorating views of the woodland and the distant Chepu River. The descent leads to the islet of Aulen, where a leisurely stroll along the beach awaits before boarding a vessel for an exhilarating boat ride upstream, with spectacular views of the Sunken Forest or ‘Bosque Hundido’.