Set sail aboard the Williche to explore Chelin's charming streets, neoclassical church and fascinating cemetery then venture to Quehui for kayaking, cruising the shoreline by Zodiac or enjoying a scenic bike ride.

Docking at Chelin, a beautiful island dotted with original houses tucked along old-fashioned streets, discover the neoclassical World Heritage Site church which has been painstakingly preserved with the help of local artisans and architects. Continue to the cemetery, a fascinating sight to behold with tombstones imitating the village’s very own wooden shingled homes, resembling a miniature town of the dead, lost in time.

Chelin & Quehui Islands Left
Chelin & Quehui Islands Right

Take a moment to view neighbouring islands from a lookout before travelling along forest paths back to the Williche and set sail for Quehui Island, navigating to the center of the island via the Pindo Estuary. The calm waters of the estuary are perfect for kayaking, cruising the shoreline by Zodiac or exploring cycling trails with rewarding views.

The perfect finalé, enjoy a leisurely walk down the picturesque streets of Quehui, renowned for its annual Ocean Festival, a traditional gathering celebrating local cuisine, folklore and traditions. Enjoy a freshly prepared lunch aboard the Williche on the return journey to the hotel.