Soak in the atmosphere at your own pace as you pedal between the Pacific Ocean and the green forests of Chiloé Island. Guides will assist you in choosing the best route for your interests and activity level.

There are a great variety of trails perfectly suited for exploring the captivating landscape of Chiloé Island on two wheels, from easier routes to rugged terrain for the more experienced rider. Choose an e-bike and cruise along trails through beautiful countryside or opt for a mountain bike to tackle challenging climbs, rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the Pacific Ocean. Observant riders can keep an eye out for wildlife – Chiloé foxes, güiña cats or perhaps even the elusive Pudú – the world’s smallest deer.

Bike riding Left
Bike riding Right

A self-guided tour awaits those looking for a more introspective exploration. Dismount for a short walk along nearby trails, and observe the remarkable biodiversity of native flora and fauna that graces the island.