Travel to Chepu and enjoy scenic river crossings, passing through the Sunken Forest and trekking through native woods with Pacific Ocean views, with the opportunity for penguin sightings in the summer months.

Chepu stands as a charming town along Chiloé’s largest river, serving as the starting point for the journey to Ahuenco Park. The adventure begins with a boat crossing of the Chepu River, navigating the mystical Sunken Forest before commencing the trek through native woods. Glimpses of the Pacific Ocean provide a stunning backdrop to the exploration.

1 Ahuenco Park
2 Ahuenco Park

During the summer months, from October to April, serendipity may grant a unique encounter with Chiloé’s vibrant wildlife. Magellanic and Humboldt penguins, the island’s two main species, favor Ahuenco Park as a nesting site and a safe environment to nurture their young, offering a captivating and rare spectacle.