Duhatao-Chepu: the Island’s mountain range

Level: Difficult
Duration: Full Day

The Sendero de Chile is a project designed to connect the entire length of Chile through scenic and naturally versatile trekking trails. This enchanting trek will take in a small section of the wider trail, beginning at the beautiful Bay of Duhatao. From here, you will walk the twisting coastal cliffs as they merge into lush forest, taking time to appreciate privileged vantage points before heading deep into the woods.

Birdlife abounds among ancient trees, where Hummingbirds dash between foliage amid the call of Chucao, Rayaditos and other native songbirds.

The trekking will be steady, with any strenuous effort or uphill climbs being rewarded with invigorating views of the surrounding woodland, and out to the Chepu River in the distance. The trail descends gradually to the islet of Aulen, where you will have a relaxing stroll along the beach towards our awaiting vessel, which will take you for an exhilarating and well-earned boat ride upstream.  Towards the end of this voyage, we will be rewarded with views of the Sunken Forest (“Bosque Hundido”), from the boat itself.

Duhatao-Chepu: the Island’s mountain range

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