Dining at Tierra Chiloé is a true farm to table experience, where guests are treated to an indulgent menu celebrating the rich produce of the local fishing and farming community. Expansive windows capture panoramic views of the inland sea and rolling green hills, with horses passing close by as they graze on the rolling pastures surrounding the hotel.

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A taste
of Chiloé

An ode to the daily catch, our cuisine honors Chiloé’s fishermen and farmers, highlighted with fresh produce from the kitchen garden. Chef Francisco Castañeda celebrates and redefines the flavors and traditional recipes of Chiloé, including ‘curanto’ – the emblematic dish of the archipelago. Curanto is prepared in an earthen pit with hot stones and includes ingredients such as seafood, meats, vegetables, delicious milcaos (traditional potato pancakes) and chapaleles (potato bread).

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As night falls over the archipelago, our signature cocktail of Chilean pisco and local Ulmo honey (made from the flowers of a native tree found only in southern Chile and Argentina) is a popular way to kick off an evening of fine dining. Knowledgeable staff can pair your meal with exquisite Chilean wines, followed with a digestif by the glowing copper fireplace, at the bar, or on the terrace, where guests gather to share stories of the day’s adventures.

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The seasons of Chiloé

The Chiloé Archipelago bursts into bloom in spring, refreshes with cool sea breezes in summer and welcomes migratory birds making their annual pilgrimage every fall. A cool temperate oceanic climate brings mild year-round temperatures with regular rainfall.

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Unforgettable encounters

With Tierra Chiloé as a luxury base, navigate the archipelago on boating or kayaking escapades, uncover UNESCO cultural treasures, cycle or trek through scenic landscapes, bask in the verdant forests and embark on horseback odysseys.

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Tierra Chiloé is part of the esteemed Tierra Hotels collection, where a stay embraces the luxury of travel. Guest itineraries are designed to offer the most from each stay, creating a personal, lasting connection with the destination.

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