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Tierra Chiloé

Celebrating the local island traditions and a unique geographical setting with natural ease, Tierra Chiloé a boutique spa Island hotel resort where intrepid adventure vacations are coupled with comfort, seeks to immerse you in the best of this archipelago, which is awash in verdant pastures, dramatic coastline and scenic clifftops.

Tierra Chiloé: Honeymoon Packages Promotions

Tierra Chiloé: Honeymoon Packages

Tierra Chiloé's island honeymoon package whisks you away to the magical island of Chiloé. Adventure this rich island with the love of your life.

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Rooms with a view

Enjoy the comforts of a luxury island hotel with local twists at Tierra Chiloé, an adventure vacation and spa hotel perched in a prime position on the island of Chiloé.

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Explore Isla Chelin & Quehui: A Scenic Archipelago Boat Tour Learn about our excursions

Explore Isla Chelin & Quehui: A Scenic Archipelago Boat Tour

Set sail on our very own boat, the Williche, journeying southwest to the islands of Chelin and Quehui on this exciting full-day expedition.

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Tierra Chiloé Experience

Any adventure vacation to Tierra Chiloé Island Hotel will be perfectly rounded off with a spa session, whether that’s with a soothing treatment or taking a dip in our pool, which offers an view of the inland sea.

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